Gustavo O'Connell

Gustavo is from Bellingham, Washington and decided to make the move to the city in pursuit of a new and exciting environment. He decided to focus his studies on something that would cause change and put good into our cities and the world. He is interested in Urban Design and Urban Beautification Projects. Art plays a large role in Gustavo’s life, and he believes that cities should have a seamless relationship with all mediums of art for the overall betterment of our urban landscapes. Gustavo enjoys watching live music as well as discovering new music for his radio show on the UW student run radio station: Rainy Dawg Radio. Gustavo is also currently the Assistant Manager of Rainy Dawg Radio. He is a volunteer at the Fiddleheads outdoor preschool in the UW Botanical Gardens and volunteers for the UW Farm. Tavo finds peace by enjoying the natural world through activities such as skiing, backpacking, and hiking, all with his close friends.