Emmanuel Salinas

Emmanuel Salinas started his journey in California in 1993. From there, he moved to Washington and became the person he is today. Along the way, Emmanuel met many people who would help shape his life. But one thing he never expected was that the person who would mold his life in the most profound way would be his mother. Against overwhelming odds, his mother raised him and his three other siblings single handedly for many years while finishing her education in college. This ended up being the single most inspirational influence in his life. Currently, Emmanuel is a junior at the University of Washington and is majoring in Community, Environment and Planning. His goals are to get a master’s degree, become an urban planner and travel the world (so far he’s never left his own time zone). Emmanuel loves to run and play basketball on his free time and is looking for an organization at UW that will help him develop into the professional he aspires to become.