Emily Aoki Yamashita

Emily grew up in the heart of Seattle, and considers the city her home. She was drawn to CEP due to her interests in the intersecting elements of community engagement, environmental justice, and urban planning. Turns out, CEP was perfectly named to address all three of Emily’s academic interests. After watching Seattle grow and develop over the course of her life, she hopes to learn valuable skills in in order to address the problems the city is facing as it continues to change. When not doing such things, you will probably find her playing ultimate frisbee (for UW!), singing, arranging music, drinking green tea, or indulging in her guilty pleasure snack foods: frosted flakes cereal, wavy lays potato chips (only the original flavor!), and snap pea crisps (also only the original flavor!). Additionally, she is fluent in Pig Latin, whatever that means.