Caroline Engle

In addition to majoring in CEP, Caroline is earning minors in English and Education, Learning, and Society. Outside of class, she volunteers at ROOTS Young Adult Shelter every week, serves on UW’s Supplier Diversity Leadership Team, and is a C21 (Center for 21st Century Liberal Learning) Fellow. She also works as a writing intern for the writing software company WordRake and held an editorial internship for eNotes, an education website. All these experiences have allowed her to pursue and discover different interests, and taught her that she prioritizes being able to help people above all else. Helping people can be done in a number of different capacities, and Caroline hopes to do this on a larger scale by working on public policy that can benefit as many people as possible.

Caroline’s interest in public policy led her to focus on the UW Alert system for her senior project. She is concerned about the limited information available to most of the UW community about how decisions are made for UW Alert. She hopes to learn why the information currently available is so limited and improve UW Alert’s transparency in a manner that maintains and improves the safety of everyone at the University of Washington.