Carlie Stowe

Carlie Stowe was born and raised in Washington. She moved to Seattle in 2013 and enrolled in North Seattle College to take some time to figure out her passions. Her first year in Seattle took her to the top of Mt. Rainier and landed her with an AA. After graduating and still unsure of what passions to pursue, took a year and a half off and spent that time traveling through Southeast Asia, working for a few start ups, and interning with the American Lung Association.

During her time off she discovered her passion for the environment and people, and decided her education needed to be a reflection and an integration of the two. Carlie discovered CEP and saw it as a perfect fit for the passions and interests she had developed. She is now apart of the CEP class of 2018 studying ways in which she can help foster and empowered marginalized communities to build resilience to climate change. Her time in CEP thus far has allowed her to become more connected to the UW, and greater Seattle community working as the point for the Community Engagement Committee.

Carlie has also spent time in Vietnam studying and working alongside PeaceTrees Vietnam, an organization she has been interning with for the past 6 months developing their environmental mission statement as her Senior Project.