Ariel Delos Santos

Ariel is a senior loving her interdisciplinary classes allowed by Community Environment & Planning. She is pursuing another degree in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences (SAFS) in hopes to help developing countries manage their coastal resources at a sustainable community level. Social equity, leadership and environmental sustainability are other passions that she pursues in various activities held at the UW. In her free time she likes to run, vlog, clean, conversate about deep topics, practice Arnise (Filipino martial art), explore and attend the Filipino American Student Association UW Chapter (FASA sa UW) meetings every other Thursday. On Fridays she enjoys TA-ing for URBDP 480: Planning as a Profession, under David Blum. As a commuter student from Tacoma, she is well versed in public transportation and has taught herself how to read on the go despite her motion sickness. Ariel’s CEP senior project focusses on community development of diversifying areas through cultural festivals held in public spaces. She wants to break down barriers and spread the love of tight knit communities through the field of Planning.