Make an Impact Together

It’s time to show our thanks!

Thanks to the fundraising success of our 21st year, CEP’s Community Support Fund was able to award five grants to CEP seniors. Each senior used the funds to enhance their educational experience and community impact. These projects are possible because of alumni and friends like you! Thank you for supporting the CEP community and making these opportunities possible for our students. We are forever grateful.

Hannah_01 (2)
To the Wonderful CEP Alumni and Friends,

I am incredibly grateful to have been awarded funding from the Community Support Fund. Because of this help I will be able to professionally print the book that I am creating, with the help of many Seattle elementary school students, for my senior project. This book will include art from the students that expresses their experience of the city and the recognition of the importance of their work and their experiences is an exciting element of my project. I will be donating copies of the book to the classrooms that work with me on this project as well as to CEP, something I would not have been able to do without support from the fund. Thank you for supporting me and other CEPsters!

Hannah Keyes

yingying_01 (2)
Dear CEP Donors,

This year, with the support of the Community Support Fund, I am one step further in the pursuit of reaching my goals. On March 11, I left for Zhuhai, China, where I began my four-week field study in a “Village in the City” called Cuiwei. While I was there, I interviewed about twenty people and received valuable information to support my senior research project on the topic of Chinese urbanization. Being able to conduct this on-site study was a valuable educational experience, through which I learned more about myself as a researcher, and gained important skills to support my future career.

Thank you for your contribution to the Community Support Fund. You have lightened my financial burden, which has allowed me to focus on the most important aspects of school and learning. I hope one day I will be able to achieve my goals and help other students to achieve their goals just as you have done for me.

Yingying Huang

ina_01 (2)
Dear CEP Alumni and Friends,

I don’t know how to express my gratitude enough! Being awarded funding from the Community Support Fund was incredibly encouraging as I often don’t qualify for federal funding but still struggle to finance my education. I am using the funds to support my participation in the Sustainable Urban Mobility study abroad program to Great Britain, The Netherlands and Denmark. After living in different neighborhoods, I have a better sense of how increasing and diversifying urban mobility options reduces the dependency on the automobile, increases levels of physical activity, and improves mental well being. My old neighborhood, like so many places in the U.S., is very car-dependent and lacks sidewalks, resources within an easy walking distance and open green spaces in which physical activity and community bonding can be fostered. I look forward to learning about the sustainable urban mobility practices of these European countries and how they might transferrable to the cities in the U.S.!

Ina Dash

stef_02 (3)
A huge and sincere thank you to all the CSF donors!

I am honored to use these funds to pursue a personal project through my CEP capstone to share amazing and inspiring immigrant stories with others. I am using my grant from the CSF to print paperback books of my senior project, Lessons from Immigration: Acculturation through Art, in which I interviewed eight immigrant artists from around the world to determine whether making and sharing art betters the acculturation process. I hope to share copies of this book, and the narratives inside it, with family, friends, colleagues, and perhaps organizations around the city. My goal is get immigrant stories told and reclaim the use of art as a tool for anyone who is undergoing hardship, and doing so would not be possible without the generous support given to me through this fund!

Stefanie Gonzalez

will_01 (2)
Thank you CEP Donors!

Thank you for funding my senior project, SCUFF – The Seattle College and University Film Festival! Over the past year, I created a festival to showcase short films directed by students from across Seattle’s college campuses. The festival lineup featured ninety minutes of short films, judged by a panel of local filmmakers, critics, and programmers. Because of your contribution,
I’m happy to announce that the first annual SCUFF event premiered last Sunday, May 15th. The line out the door and we filled the Varsity Theater! It was a huge success and I couldn’t have made it happen on without funding from CEP alumni and friends.

Thank you,
Will Cadra

Again, thank you for giving back to CEP. Without your generous contributions many projects would remain an idea, and not have the far reaching impact that we strive for in CEP.
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