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Community, Environment, and Planning

Community, Environment, and Planning (CEP) is an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree housed in the Department of Urban Design and Planning. Unlike most majors, CEP does not provide a pre-defined educational path. Instead, CEP empowers students to draw on the tools of planning – practice, personal formation, intentionality, communal learning, and stewardship – to pursue their own educational goals in the company of other self-directed students in cohorts limited to 38 students. The CEP core curriculum focuses on theory and practice applied to real-world settings; electives are satisfied by taking courses anywhere on campus. Students also participate in a governance process that supports the major and teaches students how to be effective leaders and doers in the world. Our students graduate to become urban planners, educators, non-profit managers, entrepreneurs, communication experts, and professionals of all sorts, including doctors, lawyers, and engineers. Transfer students are welcomed. For more information, contact a CEP advisor.

CEP: an education fully lived, not passively taken.