Liam Collins

Liam E. Collins

Pronouns: he/him/his

Hometown: Old Saybrook, CT

Focus: Public Policy and Governance, Housing Development, Sustainability, Social Justice

Favorite Place in Seattle: Discovery Park

Bio: Liam is from Old Saybrook, Connecticut, a small town on the New England coast. He initially went to the University of Connecticut, where he first studied Management Information Systems, though he shortly discovered it wasn’t for him. After some solo travel, he found he wanted to go into urban planning, switching majors to Urban and Community Studies. His passion for the built environment soon outstripped the agriculturally-focused campus of UConn, wanting to be where people live, work, build, and play. He discovered CEP while still at UConn, and knew it was the major for him. He decided to move cross-country to attend the UW, but still had steps to take before that was achievable, unfortunately paying out-of-state tuition was prohibitive. To get WA state residency before attending, he joined AmeriCorps and served in Olympia from August 2018 to June 2019. He served at Intercity Transit, Thurston County’s transit agency, and learned bike mechanics, community outreach, event planning, and youth educating, among many other life and work skills. Back at school after a year away, Liam’s experience in Olympia has crystallized into a passion for people-first housing and development. He currently works at the ASUW Bike Shop and is involved with the Sustainability Curriculum Coalition.

Why did you choose CEP? I chose CEP nearly two years ago. That was a different me who chose it, with different passions, different motivations, a different way of looking at life. The current me could not be any more different, yet I know CEP is still the best possible place I can be. CEP gives me the academic freedom to learn what I want, but the community to keep me grounded, focused, and connected to the world and people around me. That balance primes me to be an active citizen of my community, just as I take an active role in my education.

Ask me about: AmeriCorps, public service, education, community outreach, obtaining residency, transfer student experience, moving cross-country, ASUW Bike Shop, bike commuting in Seattle, housing, woodworking, hiking, being a bad gardener and avoiding the “Seattle Freeze”