Kori Carter

Kori Carter

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

Focus: Diversity and Inclusion in Real Estate

Favorite Place in Seattle: Island Soul Restaurant

Bio: Kori is originally from Kansas City and she is currently pursuing a degree in Community, Environment, and Planning with a minor in Real Estate at the University of Washington. Kori began college on a different career path, she honed in on a creative major that would hopefully make her money one day. During this time, Kori had a child and decided to change career paths to make a living for her family. Searching for fulfillment, Kori decided to take a class in Real Estate Appraisal. She was enthralled with the process of evaluating a space not only for the asset’s investment opportunities but more importantly assessing the asset’s benefit to the community. Kori soon learned that appraisal was just a small part of the larger commercial real estate ecosystem. With that, she is excited to connect scholastic knowledge with the Georgetown project to get a real-world view of how to create greater change.

Why did you choose CEP? I wanted to be a part of something greater that created and promoted change, especially in urban neighborhoods where change and advancement would help uplift and empower those in poverty. After a lot of research, I chose to pursue this degree in CEP at the UW in hopes of contributing to positive change and growth of new innovative development happening in Seattle.

Ask me about: Inclusive urban planning