Helen Ganahl

Helen Ganahl

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Hometown: Bishop, CA

Focus: Community Organization, Planning around Environmental Issues, Food Systems & Ecosystems

Favorite Place in Seattle: A walk along the water to the Pacific Inn Pub on Stoneway

Bio: Helen spent her early 20’s taking herbalism courses, reading voraciously, traveling, volunteering, and working many service-industry jobs. She eventually landed in the Community, Environment, and Planning major by way of Seattle Central College, where she completed an associate degree with a “Sustainable Agriculture Education” emphasis.

Initially, she pulled from agriculture, ecological restoration, and activist fields in the creation of her CEP Individual Study Plan. However, after a couple months of semi-immersion in Gould Hall, she saw the necessity of incorporating the built environment into her thought process and her education. The urban planning and landscape architecture fields became instrumental in her determination that not only food sovereignty, but also well-planned cities, are essential in the construction of kinder, more resilient societies. After graduation, she now plans to pursue a graduate degree in landscape architecture, with the goal that she might design the urban sphere — and its surroundings — for the better. Her specific design interests are habitat conservation, food systems, and environmental justice.

Why did you choose CEP? I chose CEP as a nontraditional student, who values intersectional, interdisciplinary education. Some perks: schedule flexibility, a foot in the door at the College of Built Environments, and a small, navigable cohort.

Ask me about: Transfer student experience, Udall Environmental Scholarship, Urban Ecological Design minor